Simple Glass Planters

Use Discarded Glass Containers As Planters

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Did you water that plant? Know the answer with glass planters. You do have a green thumb.

Succulent in a small vase

Succulent in a small vase

Simple Glass Planters

Succulent in small vase with light

Succulent in small vase with light

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Add decorative lighting under or behind planters made with translucent marbles or glass rocks to see them glow. The jar I used most when assembling glass planters is a former pasta sauce jar. Large openings make assembly and watering easy. Using tinted glass works also, but keep the direct sun to a few hours per day max (partial shade). Straws or other tube structures can be used to make watering jars like beer bottles (with small openings) efficient. You can use a water-permiable barrier between the dirt and the rocks if you want to keep the dirt from falling down and hiding them.

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Succulent in a vase Succulent with lights


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